The Nashville Jazz Cats

At the age of 18, Dave performed his first professional job in Nashville, Tennessee, playing trumpet with Tot Randolph and the Imperials. That experience provided him with a solid Jazz foundation. In 1970, the Hall of Fame legend Harold Bradley introduced Dave as an aspiring session player to Nashville’s “A” team of musicians and to a young RCA recording engineer by the name of Tom K. Pick (8-time Grammy winner). Little did he know at that time that several years later Tom would profoundly impact his musical life! Enlisting in the Air Force, Dave became a member of the 502nd Air Force Band at Keesler A.F.B. When discharged, he returned to Nashville and formed the Band "Summerbreeze". During this period of time Dave began sending Tom Pick examples of his songs and working on suggested improvements. A few years later, Tom began using Dave to arrange and record instrumental tracks for various productions. Later, as a result of Pick’s introduction, Adonda Records signed  Dave  and began to produce CD's of him.

  • Send In The Clowns3:48

Dave Chambliss