The Nashville Jazz Cats bring a refreshing new dimension to entertainment for corporate and private events. Known as veteran musical entertainers, they have performed for years with traditional dance- oriented bands and as back-up musicians for recording artists. They decided they could provide their clients with a distinctive alternative for special events. So, they began to offer  unique musical shows for banquets and other gala events rather than the traditional dance band entertainment. Simply stated, they realized that not every event was necessarily a “dinner party with after-dinner dancing” affair.

Previously operating as a “studio group”, they became aware that there is a live performance market for their different approach and format.  With the opening of the new Music City Center, The Nashville Jazz Cats are getting great response in their new endeavor.

The Nashville Jazz Cats are multi-instrumentalists.  They record their own tracks similar to the way that mega stars utilize tracks for television appearances, awards shows and the Super Bowl. The Nashville Jazz Cats are recording artists who use their own unique studio arrangements ……that are spectacular and heavily orchestrated for a bigger than life sound. By using their Nashville studio tracks for their live performances, they make it possible for their audiences to experience a dynamic and entertaining musical show that includes the sound of full instrumentation for every single tune. Whether the song has lush orchestra strings, a complete percussion section, or brass and woodwinds; the richly layered sound is there for a spectacular live show. This allows for events to be more affordable.
 Whether it is a thirty-minute show or a two-hour show, you have no overhead expense for a sixteen piece orchestra.

The stage size requirements are also smaller and a sound company is not required.    The Nashville Jazz Cats may just be the perfect alternative entertainment for your next event.

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The Nashville Jazz Cats

The Nashville Jazz Cats

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